Sunday, April 1, 2007

One should care

Lichens yield a lot of colour for a dye bath. Yet, they take many years to grow and are known to only grow in places where there is no pollution. They can be of many colours and textures. I see them as pure velvet.
I love lichens and my love for them prevent me from cropping them. Lichens are beautiful and appealing structures that are worth much more then any textile material. It´s texture, it´s colour, it´s shade, it´s indication of a healthy, let them be living in nature where they surely belong!!!
Photo: lichens on a tree in Trancoso, Portugal. Jan 2007
Tita Costa


lyn said...

¡Tita, me gusta mucho su blog! Y gracías para su palabras sympáticos sobre mí blog. I cannot speak Portuguese, but I do speak a little Spanish (it's a little rusty since I haven't spoken in awhile). I would love to visit your country one day.

I was so happy to get your comment on my blog, because it introduced me to your blog! I have added your blog to my "links". Your work, thoughts & sentiments are very beautiful!


J. Austin - said...

I agree with you about the lichens, but sometimes a dead branch falls off a tree, so before I burn it in the fireplace, I take off the lichens. I have not tried dying with them yet. I don't know what colors to expect from lichens growing on oak trees in New England, but it will be fun to try!

I also enjoyed seeing the photos of your tapestry bracelets. What a great idea!