Thursday, July 16, 2009

Homem T in Porto

In the main Square of Porto, Portugal, is on display 100 figures of 1.70m painted or modified by professional artists. It is a Human Parade called "Homem T" as the Charity that organized it is called Espaço T. The keen commitment of the Portuguese Artists, mainly from Porto has been overwhelming. Espaço T provided the figures as well as all the painting materials and a huge building for us to do the this project. I met fellow artists and formar teachers that I had´t seen for years.
Now this Characters are to be seen in the huge open air space of Praça da Liberdade until the end of August. In September an Auction will be held.
We had a text with an idea of what the Homem T could be. My Character is called "Homem T on Earth and in the Cosmos." The band that I painted is filled with small people, humble, different and together. The blue is the outer space where I do believe that the Human Race is charting into.

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Grandma said...

Sorry not to be able to see all the figures. Thanks for sharing. Do you have detail photos of the band?