Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Colour Sensitivity

Is the world of strong conflicting colours colliding with the world of harmonious and soft colours? Is there a visual unrest? Riot in colour? And visual calmness? Should one take sides?

One has no memory of how a world with natural dyes looks like. Anilines brought a wealth of tones and shades and above all speeded up the process of colouring textiles.

Humans are realizing "globalization". For a growing number of people globalization also means the search for natural dyes. Nepal? India? Nigeria? Why not at our doorstep?

Natural dyes bite only in natural fibers. Natural fibers with natural dye colours are thought after more and more as they are better for the health. Natural fibers end up by being not that expensive. Acrylic yarn and commercial dyes bare on Petrol prices, that are often on the increase. So, it is to believe that long term wool is economically better then some man made fibers...let us all make this wish!!
Tita Costa


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