Friday, March 9, 2007

The Portuguese Spindle

The Portuguese spindle is completely different from all other spindles that I have tried or even have seen advertised in magazines. As a result the spinning method is also different. With common spindles, a spinner would let the spindle fall while standing up and, after getting spinning momentum,would draw the fiber while the spindle descends. One has to stand to do this well.
With the Portuguese spindle, the twist is made by the thumb and two fingers without ever letting it fall. This twist movement is given to the eye of the spindle that is shaped like a coarse screw. When the spinner is drawing the wool, this screw (and spindle) sits in the palm of the closed hand of the spinner. It is as "simple" as that. An experienced spinner never lets the spindle fall to the ground or even out of their hands. With this spindle and this method of spinning a spinner can be seated on a chair, sofa or even outside on the lawn and be comfortably spinning.

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